Bakfiets test ride

I can’t believe I’ve never rode a bakfiets before. I’ve had plenty of opportunities, but never bothered, figuring they’re not for me. But I’m hoping to rent one this weekend in SoCal and wanted to see what I was getting myself into. We all went to Dutch Bike Co. this afternoon and the kids and Dan watched me practice up and down the block alone…and run right into a wall (thank goodness they insisted I start with the cart empty!). Those things are hard to handle. I thought they were only for rich Dutch women too lazy for real bikes, but I have newfound respect for them.

It was very cool riding with both kids in front. They happily sat next to each other and I could interact with Brandt so much better than when he’s behind me in the Bobike Maxi. it was also a nice change to pedal and sit normally. I keep my seat on the Bianchi Milano a little lower than I’d like so I can reach the ground more easily, and I have to keep my feet at the edges of the pedals and my knees out to the sides a tad a bit so I don’t bump the Bobike Mini in front of me. I’m not sure if owning a bakfiets is in my future, but it’d be nice to make a habit of renting them here and there.

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