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Bakfiets test ride

I can’t believe I’ve never rode a bakfiets before. I’ve had plenty of opportunities, but never bothered, figuring they’re not for me. But I’m hoping to rent one this weekend in SoCal and wanted to see what I was getting myself into. We all went to Dutch Bike Co. this afternoon and the kids and Dan watched me practice up and down the block alone…and run right into a wall (thank goodness they insisted I start with the cart empty!). Those things are hard to handle. I thought they were only for rich Dutch women too lazy for real bikes, but I have newfound respect for them.

It was very cool riding with both kids in front. They happily sat next to each other and I could interact with Brandt so much better than when he’s behind me in the Bobike Maxi. it was also a nice change to pedal and sit normally. I keep my seat on the Bianchi Milano a little lower than I’d like so I can reach the ground more easily, and I have to keep my feet at the edges of the pedals and my knees out to the sides a tad a bit so I don’t bump the Bobike Mini in front of me. I’m not sure if owning a bakfiets is in my future, but it’d be nice to make a habit of renting them here and there.

30DoB day 11: Seattle Bicycle Music Festival, baskets!

We hit he road before 9am to go to Five Trees Park (which I now know is really called Bergen Place Park) for the first stop of the Seattle Bicycle Music Festival, a bike-powered shindig. On the way there we saw some guys setting up a stage along the Burke Gilman so I asked one of the roadies what was going on. It was for the Fremont LoveFest, a music festival not powered by bikes so therefore far inferior to BMP.

We ran into Totcycle at BMP and all went to Dutch Bike Co for healthier snacks after the kids had eaten their fill of the free donut holes. The bike shop is so cool! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to make it over there–I’m the worst self-proclaimed World’s Biggest Fan. I talked to Fritz about attaching baskets to my bike and after some measuring and head scratching, he found a solution! But the boys were too tired to hang out any longer for an install so I put the baskets and new rear rack on hold hoping to return later in the day.

Later turned out to be sooner: Baby Rijder fell asleep on the way up Stone–not a fun hill to begin with, and even less fun with a baby head resting on one’s forearm–and didn’t want to nap more once we got home. So I left Brandt home to play with Dan and after a short rest, headed back to the shop with BR. I am soooo excited about my new baskets! I can’t wait to test them out with picnic stuff.

This was the first time I had the pleasure of riding up Stone twice in one day. Baby Rijder fell asleep on the ride up again! But this time he stayed asleep when we got home so that was nice. He got pretty tired out horsing around in the Bakfiets while waiting for my bike. And one more time: yay baskets!