Fenders, fenders, everywhere!

I’ve decided I want fenders on all my bikes. I’m sure the weather will clear up at some point, but right now it feels like it’s going to keep raining forever. I keep the double trailer hooked up to my road bike (2005 Specialized Dolce Elite) and would like to start using it again. We haven’t taken it out since September since Baby Rijder decided he’s not comfortable in it, but I’m hoping the four-month break and more comfortable Nutcase helmet will be the ticket to a happier passenger. The trailer will be an easy way to keep them warm and dry, but it’s no use if I’m scared of getting myself muddy riding fenderless on wet roads.

I tried to stick them in the trailer first thing in the morning (first thing in the morning=10am despite the fact we got up at 7:30), but it didn’t go so well. The little one started crying and then the big one started crying so I bagged the whole plan and drove to our morning excursion instead. After playing and napping I gave it another go, this time with no rushing around and double the number of toys and snacks. I also decided not to stick the stroller in the back of the trailer because it disrupts the flap, leaving an air and rain gap.

I planned to leave the bike at Ride Bicycles, but didn’t want to wear them both for the mile-walk home (or walk at three-year-old speed) so my bright idea was to bungee the stroller to my back. I couldn’t get it to work so I used the Ergo baby carrier (plus bungee cord for extra support) to wear the stroller. Something felt very unkosher about using a baby-attachment tool to ferry around a stroller, but it certainly did the trick. Now I’m wondering what else I can Ergo to my back while the kids are in the trailer. Thanksgiving turkey, maybe? Kid balance bike?

The trailer ride was not a smashing success. BR screamed for 30 seconds and then calmed down and happily snacked and chilled out for the rest of the five-minute ride. I’ll have to see how the ride home from the shop in a couple days goes before deciding if we need to take another break. I’m sure there’s still plenty of rain planned for the future so those fenders won’t go to waste.

Next up will be to get the mountain bike (2004 GT I-Drive 2.0) fendered up so I can ride without fear on snowy or icy days. I think the nubby tires should do the trick on our snowy roads, no studdeds or zip ties needed. I’m worried it might be a bit of work to get the trailer to fit on the bike due to the disc brakes so this might not be an immediate project.

Speaking of fenders, Portland’s Worst Day of the Year Ride has a name-the-mascot contest and I’ve submitted the super awesome suggestion: Fender. They probably won’t select it because it’s too wimpy a name for those too-tough-for-their-own-good hippies who ride without fenders, but I haven’t lost yet! We’re not planning to go down for WDYR, but it certainly looks fun. Maybe next year.

2 thoughts on “Fenders, fenders, everywhere!

  1. That’s an awesome picture – love it! My hat’s off to you for hauling two young kids around. Some days it’s all I can do to haul myself around. :)

    Also, I would vote for Fender. Cute and clever.

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