New parts

My only bike riding lately has been to ferry bikes to and fro Ride Bicycles on Roosevelt for Christiaan to fix them up. It started with repairs/tuneup on the crashed city bike which led to ordering a double kickstand to make things less wobbly while standing still (I’ll have to learn to avoid icy patches to make things less wobbly while moving). So far I’ve only had fenders put on the road bike, but that’s a great start. I didn’t note the model, but they’re Planet Bike so I’ll fit in just fine here. The mudflap looks a little silly to me, but it’ll keep me from kicking up schmutz on the trailer. Hopefully I’ll get around to having the mountain bike done, too, before our next snow (ug, I can’t believe I’m mentioning snow so casually).

So yesterday I picked up the Dolce and dropped off the Milano. It was a pleasant change to ride both directions to the shop. Every trip I wonder if there’s someone sitting in the Latona Pub watching me ride one direction and walk back minutes later day after day. I probably don’t look like a bike thief dropping off my conquests at a chop shop on account of the two pint-sized accomplices.

Today we walked to the shop to pick up the Milano sporting her fancy new Pletscher double kickstand. This thing is so cool! It folds up to the side so it even looks good when not in use. The top tire lifts a little bit off the ground when the kickstand is engaged and Baby Rijder figured out how to lean a little to make his seat rotate back and forth.

Cleaning out my bag I found my receipt from the last set of modifications courtesy of Dutch Bike Co. Fritz replaced the back rack with a Civia Hyland Rack that sits farther back than the stock rack. Attached to it are two Wald 582 Folding Rear Baskets. Speaking of cleaning, I gotta get those holiday decorations off the bike! I might leave the little lights in the front on for visibility, but the star lights get in the way and the tinsel is just embarrassing at this point.

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