Tour de Flannel

I’m sad 30 Days of Biking is over. I didn’t ride the bike at all on the first and felt bad about that. But yesterday we rode to Magnuson for the Harvest Celebration and it felt good to be back in the saddle. Then today was the Tour de Flannel, another big ride. Supposedly the ride from Gasworks to Woodinville is fairly flat, but I had decided ahead of time to create my own short course and made plans to bail 1/3 of the way there and meet up with a friend at Magnuson. But now I’m convinced it’s possible to make it to Woodinville and will try the full course someday soon. The “flannel people” as Brandt called them were super cool and I was sad to leave the ride, but the kids had more fun at the playground than they would have had at a brewery that for some inane reason doesn’t serve french fries.

Muuqi told me he got his mother the same bike as me. This is the second time I’ve heard this. Does that mean I’m riding the minivan of bicycles?? At least it’s an Italian minivan.

One thought on “Tour de Flannel

  1. I think it means that other people appreciate a smartly-styled, comfortable, durable ride, like the Bianchi Milano, too!

    Thanks for coming out for the TdF, it was wonderful to meet you and your littles :)

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