30DoB day 30: Water taxi

28 miles cycled today! We swung by Dutch Bike Co. to get my rubbing fender fixed and have a snack, and then cut through the locks to eventually reach pier 55 (via pier 50 since I neglected to read the details of the water taxi substitution). We rode the water taxi to West Seattle and then biked to Alki Beach. The Argosy Sightseer was filling in for the damaged regular boat so that was cool. Instead of bike racks, there were bungee cords along both sides and they held the bikes in snugly.

On the way home I passed another cyclist on the way up Gilman. Granted, it was a homeless guy laden with bags and bags of recyclables, but it still felt rewarding to pass someone. Then we got caught up watching boats at the locks for a while. The lockmasters liked the Bobikes and gave the boys boat-safety-themed coloring books. Score!

We had a great victory on the way home. Brandt loves the Ride the Ducks amphibious cars (or “boat cars” as he calls them) and on a few occasions we’ve seen passengerless boat cars in Ballard and I’ve figured their overnight parking lot is somewhere in the area. Today we saw two of them and chased them down to their roosting spot. I’d never trespass onto a private dock with the car, but it doesn’t feel quite as illegal on a bike. So we biked onto the dock, but didn’t make it all the way down to the end. I was curious to see them all snuggled in, but the Hazardous Materials sign and guys in clean suits scared me off.

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