Fun with Google Maps

We rode to Ravenna Park for the first time today. I’ve poked around Bikely and Map My Ride, but primarily use Google Maps bike directions. I was impressed it found this trail in the park considering how rugged it was. I had figured Google only acknowledged paved bike paths. Once I was on the path, I got a bit turned around and thought Google wanted me to take the top fork, but when I saw that it led downhill, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to handle the uphill. It turns out I was correct to take the bottom fork, but at the playground I came up against four concrete steps. I can’t believe that’s the route Google had chosen for me! I had the rear kid dismount and was able to carry the bike and front kid up so it wasn’t too big a pain, but next time I’ll stick to the street. And next time I go somewhere new and twisty, I’ll think about printing out the map.

Yesterday we cycled down to Lake Union Park and checked out the inaugural Farmboat Fall Floating Market where I took the following glamor shot of the bike to put on the Bianchi Flickr group. I labelled it the “Milano Minivan.”

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