30DoB day 5: Blender bike

Bumbershoot was so fun yesterday that the boys and I went back today and bought a ticket at the door. I rode the blender bike in the VIB booth in case I didn’t get a chance to ride for real later, but now I feel bad for having given myself that out…because I didn’t ride my bike later. The blender bike was really hard! A passerby told me Baby Rijder looked like he was having a blast on my back, but it doesn’t really show in the picture she took.

We also spent a lot of time at the Cyclecide stuff and saw their performance this time. It was pretty crazy and every time someone crashed they all froze and yelled, “Is the bike OK?” No bikes were hurt in the performance, fortunately. I spoke cargo bikes with one of the performers and she told me about her Yuba which sounds just as cool as Xtracycle. I think I have a couple years to procrastinate on it before I upgrade to one or the other.

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