30DoB day 6: Baby rain gear

While Dan and Brandt were at REI looking for big person bike rain gear (but didn’t make it past the play area), Baby Rijder and I took a spin around the lake. It was wet out, but we didn’t get rained on. It felt weird just riding for the sake of riding. I’m more of a transportation cyclist than a pleasure cyclist or exercise cyclist, I guess. I like riding, but I have to admit my main reason is so I don’t have to deal with looking for a parking spot and dealing with buckling kids into car seats.

Baby Rijder had fun on our little ride, but he was mostly in it to scope out the neighborhood dogs. He signed dog (patted his thigh) and barked at each one we saw. He chirped at a few ducks, too, and screeched when a bus drove by. So it was a quickie, but not a quiet-ie.

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