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ALIVE film at Bumbershoot

Today we started at the 1 Reel Film Festival for the tail end of the Films4Families Animation Showcase during which my son asked “When will we see the bike movie?” over and over until the ALIVE (A Low Impact Vehicle Exploration) shorts started. First up was the Rejuiced Bikes flick which profiled all the exciting bikes at the aLIVe booth. We learned that our beloved water bike is named H2O Flow and the recycling bike we rode yesterday is the Trashy Trike. And one of the bikes did the STP. The Undriving short was great, too, but I would have liked one more profile of a bike-riding undriver. There was a glimpse of the second undriver’s (primarily a bus rider) e-bike, but that was it.

Though there wasn’t a big line when we arrived today, I wanted to try the backside bike parking and entrance anyway. I couldn’t find the bike corral so I locked up to a bus stop and hoped for the best. Once through the gates I realized the idea was to bring the bike in and use the regular racks just inside so I reparked when I had a chance a couple hours later. Now that I’m looking at the map I can see that the bike parking icon is inside the festival boundary. I’m not sure what I’ll do tomorrow. It’s nice to have access to the bike without having to leave and re-enter in case I want to leave extra stuff in the baskets, but the location isn’t quite as convenient.

I stopped to grab a picture of the The Bicycle Doctor mobile bicycle repair, parked on Dexter near John, on the way home. I saw a quick post about it on TUBULOCITY, but this was my first sighting. He was parked there on our way in, too, so I’m not sure this was a long housecall or just a parking spot.

Usually I like an excuse to ride alone and not have to talk nonstop about trains, seaplanes, and puppies, but this evening I felt lonely. Not at first–several hilarious Bumbershoot-goers asked for rides as they were going in and I was riding out. Even though I spent the entire ride reminding myself “The kids aren’t with you–you don’t have to wave at the Ride the Ducks tours” I still waved at the last one I saw. Then I nearly had to walk up the steep block by home so I’m obviously suffering some odd side effects from being tired and dehydrated. Hopefully I can try the ride home solo again tomorrow after sufficient water intake.

Today’s miles: 10.8 miles
September cumulative: 42.8 miles

aLIVe at Bumbershoot

Best thing at Bumbershoot day one: the aLIVe H2O bike (and the rest of the fleet) visiting from Portland. Not only do its good looks draw gawking kids and adults over from near and far, it doesn’t just sit passively when parked–it collects rain water into its three tanks.

The water bike couldn’t accommodate two littles so we took our test ride on the recycle bike, with the kids sitting in the recycling bay. It only takes two pedalers so I rode pedicab-style while Nat and a ten-year old ferried us around. I kept catching the kid shirking his pedaling duty, but he didn’t want to stop and give me a turn. Not complaining, it’s nice to let someone else do the work, but I wasn’t sure how long my recyclites would last back there and I wanted a go, too.

There’s a collection of short films called ALIVE (A Low Impact Vehicle Exploration) tomorrow I’m hoping we can check out. In the meantime, here’s my video of the funny fleet. Apologies for the musical accompaniment (two-year old clanging stick on metal fence).

Otherwise, Bumbershoot doesn’t seem as bikey this year. The special treatment last year was nice, with the free bag check at the bike corral (although this year there is free bag check for everyone at the State Farm booth) and passes to a Very Important Biker booth with free bike-blender-made smoothies. This year things started out on a low note when I discovered the bike corral was a swampy mess. The map shows a second bike parking area on Mercer steet so I’ll give that a try tomorrow. Plus, the Mercer Street entrance should be much faster. And hopefully its exit will have a ramp for the stroller.

Parking swamp 11:20am

Parking swamp 7:00pm

The kids were also intrigued by the Medic One bikes by the first aid station. I’ve never seen them before, but the paramedic said they’re also used at sporting events.

I was impressed by how much stuff they hold…though I will point out that the stickers the paramedic gave us came from the ambulance, not the bike. I can appreciate trying to keep the load light. Speaking of a light load, the only thing we missed today was a picnic blanket. I didn’t end up using the Ergo, but I’m glad I had it along and will bring it tomorrow, too. The kids mostly walked, but I used the little stroller to carry our bag of snacks and kid swim stuff so happy to have had it along. Yes: swim stuff. Most of our Bumbershoot was spent in the Youngershoot Kids’ Zone playing with the Children’s Museum Legos and swimming in DuPen Fountain. Kids don’t seem to appreciate the fact that they can do that stuff any old day and should let their mom hang out and watch music at Bumbershoot.

Today’s miles: 10.1 miles
September cumulative: 32.0 miles