Happy Ninth Birthday, Big Dummy!

Three weeks belated, but oh well. It’s been the least exciting year from the Big Dummy’s perspective–until mid-March I was only biking to and from work each day and since then it’s primarily been one-mile grocery runs once a week–but she’s still my favorite bike in the whole wide world.


Despite biking less than any year in recent memory, the Big Dummy got to do what she does best and carry some impressive loads. I scored some nice free furniture on the side of the road during various grocery trips: an outdoor furniture set, a table, a dresser. I also carried each kid, though not both kids at the same time.




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3 thoughts on “Happy Ninth Birthday, Big Dummy!

  1. So wonderful to see the update. And how fun to see you needing fenders less such that you take them off. Also, beige tires are so pretty.

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