30 Days of Biking 2020 – day 15

It’s April! That means 30 Days of Biking and biking every day and hopefully blogging about it each day.

Happy birthday to my newly minted teenager today! We took a ride as a family, to pick up to-go sushi at the kids’ favorite nearby conveyor belt place. I really like the concept of eating lots of take out to keep local restaurants in business, but it’s not in my budget so today’s sushi was extra special. Thanks to having taken a random route on the way home from Target the other day I biked through the shopping center that houses the sushi place and saw that they were open.

I tried to make the day special with waffles for breakfast, presents between online classes, and birthday cake outdoors post-sushi. I’m so sorry for all the kids celebrating birthdays during the pandemic. I think he had an OK day, but I also feel like I didn’t do enough, sigh.

It’s been so lovely out–the weather is finally to the point where we don’t have to dart outside the moment the sun appears if we want to ensure we get a tiny dose of vitamin D; it’s there all day long! (Well this morning was a bit grey, but the sun is mostly out all day long!)

This day in 2015 we were on Vancouver Island for spring break. Two other families from Seattle met us there, but they traveled by car and carried a lot of our stuff for us (including the kids’ bikes and my mountain bike) so this was our first and only experience with supported bike camping! We took the Victoria Clipper over and back and visited all our friends in Victoria and camped in Goldstream Provincial Park. Now that was a birthday to remember!


Today’s miles: 4.5
Yesterday’s miles: 1.9
Days missed: 3
Total April miles: 66.9

3 thoughts on “30 Days of Biking 2020 – day 15

  1. Madi, thanks for sharing your family birthday celebration. We’ve had 2 birthdays recently in our home. My daughter, Poppy, was born on 4/9. We were already planning a home birth, so not much difference there. My older kids had to leave the house which was A) a bummer and B) logistically challenging. Then my son turned 5 on 4/17. I really would have loved to take him on the Aerial Tram or to the Blueback submarine, but our pizza picnic in the backyard was fun too. ;)

    I’m not on my bike this month since I’m recovering from birth, so I’m happy to read about your bike adventures here!

    • Oh congratulations on the birth of Poppy! I had homebirths, too :) Did you have a midwife and have to do things any differently for distancing purposes? I hadn’t thought about this! Take care and I miss you!

      • For the last month of my pregnancy my naturopathic doctor/ midwife had visits with me on the phone rather than in the office except for one home visit on a sunny day; we had a check-up outside in the grass.
        My husband bleached the house when I went into labor and the 3 midwives wore face masks while they were here. Thankfully, my mother in law was able to take my bigger kids out of the house for a few hours, and my housemates (my mom and brother) were at work so we didn’t have to worry about them getting too close to the midwives.
        I’m just so thankful that no one in my house was sick; my midwife would’ve sent me to the hospital for the birth!
        My midwife biked over to my house the next day to check up on the baby and me and things seemed a little like normal. :)

        I’d love for my bartender husband to be able to get back to work, but for now we’re just trying to be thankful for his mandatory paternity leave. Ha!

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