30 Days of Biking 2020 – day 13

It’s April! That means 30 Days of Biking and biking every day and hopefully blogging about it each day.

It seems like a weird time for frivolous shopping, but I’ve got a kid with a birthday coming up and I’m trying my darndest to keep things feeling relatively normal each day and I’d like his birthday to be fun. So yesterday I placed an order for basketball-style shorts (practical gifts are fun, too) at Target and today I biked over to pick them up. The new Order Pickup option worked really well, though our closest Target is a small one and didn’t have what I wanted in stock so I biked 30 minutes to the Target in Mall 205. I was tempted to opt for “drive up” shopping so I wouldn’t have to lock up my bike and go into the store, but I feared I’d have to wait in a line of stinky idling cars. When I arrived I couldn’t see any line of waiting cars, but going in was easy–one employee controlled access into the store, basically just having people wait to enter one by one in case someone was exiting, and my waiting bag at Guest Services was immediately to the right, ready for me after a peek at my ID.

I rode to the mall via the I-205 bike path and it was fine, but I opted to bike home on city streets since traffic is very light these days so I could get a change of scenery. I saw several cat trees free for the taking on sidewalk corners–it’s nice to know some Portland spring traditions are still happening.

On this day one year ago I took part in the Ladd’s 500 relay in which teams zoom around Ladd Circle 500 times (equals 100 miles). Two years back I was part of Armando’s fun 10-person team and rode a variety of bikes and even my longboard, but last year I was more “hard core” about it and formed a two-person team with Joe in which we switched every 30 laps. I rode my single speed and tried the sprint the whole thing. I also wore a thrift store prom dress. Cool pix by Aixe:

Today’s miles: 9.7
Yesterday’s miles: 0
Days missed: 3
Total April miles: 61.5

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