30 Days of Biking – day 9

I didn’t bike yesterday. But I did today! Today I took a tiny trip to Grocery Outlet (no toilet paper but all the other stuff one could want), but I forgot to take photos so here’s Pixie enjoying the gorgeous day:

Both today and yesterday we spent a ton of time outside. Mostly reading, but also walking to the park and playing foursquare. I had planned to get us out on bikes yesterday, but I just couldn’t do it. Our neighborhood has wide streets with little traffic so it’s easy to keep socially distant on bikes, but extraneous trips feel especially extraneous. Even so, I find myself feeling happier today, and I think part of it is relief at having gotten failing 30 Days of Biking over with so I don’t need to worry about not wanting to leave the house going forward. The lovely weather (sunny and high of 76F today and my relentless allergic cough shouldn’t start up for a few weeks yet) is doubtless helping my mood, too, as has a successful start to the kids’ online classes. Related: PPS announced yesterday school will not meet again IRL this school year.

I failed at 30 Days of Biking once before and while that was a lifetime ago and quite a different situation, it was also OK and I learned a lot through failing.

On this day in 2011 we were visiting San Diego, renting a Gazelle Cabby bakfiets. It was so awesome to ride around my old neighborhood (as well as far beyond) with my kids and this super-fun bike.

Gazelle Cabby

Today’s miles: 2.4
Yesterday’s miles: 0
Days missed: 1
Total April miles: 44.3

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