30 Day of Biking – day 6

It’s April! That means 30 Days of Biking and biking every day and hopefully blogging about it each day.

I’m still worn out and my stressed-out kid had another rough night, though not as rough as the night before. Online school started up today and it went well for both kids, hooray. I got out for a ride with Joe to visit his cats. He’s good at going on bike rides for the sake of riding, but I prefer having an errand attached so this kind of fit the bill for me. It still felt extravagant given the Stay Home, Stay Safe order (though I know exercise is encouraged) so I’m still not sure I’ll be able to keep biking daily if I can dream up a suitable reason each day.

Later on there was the usual twosquare on the sidewalk as well as some bonus longboarding. Pixie doesn’t like being left out of anything so to make up for her barking greetings at us nonstop through the window during twosquare we brought her along for the skate. A canvas Trader Joe’s shopping bag makes an excellent chiweenie shoulder bag, btw.

On this date in 2014 I led a Kidical Mass family group bike ride in Seattle. My kids were 4 and almost 7 at the time and mostly did their own pedaling, though I always brought my cargo bike in case I needed to carry one or both of them and their bikes. I noted they were becoming stronger pedalers and we didn’t need to stop for water-sip breaks quick as frequently.

2014 Kidical Mass Seattle

2014 was the year we were also tallying dogs we saw while out and about and we saw zero dogs that day. Today we skated by friends walking their big dog with Pixie in the shoulder bag so despite not getting enough sleep and ending the day with a pesky headache it was a banner day, considering.

Today’s miles: 7.6
Total April miles: 33.1

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