30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 6

Our morning started with a soccer game–Mr. Family Ride could come today so there were five bikes for our team…and with one kid out sick and the Wheelha.us family toting an extra player, that meant only one kid didn’t show up by bike.


And then more fun with Kidical Mass! I liked this month’s format: we hung out at Gas Works Park for an hour and a half for chatting, kiddie games, and test riding before heading out on our ride. (All my pix here)


Here’s a “OK, who wants a rice cake?” pause en route while waiting for a small tantrum to finish up a ways back. I had my own misstep shortly after this when my two free-riding children collided and a hurt arm required the remainder of the four-year old’s ride take place on the FlightDeck.


Our ride ended at the Moisture Festival and we intended to stay and watch, but the sound was too loud for the kid without sensitive ears so we headed back towards home.


We made it to the Google Steps where we stopped for a snack. I had a little laugh when our bikes stopped traffic. I eventually walked down to ask if he had any questions about the bike, but it turns out he was just admiring the layering of the three bikes. It also turns out we had met two years ago at Totem House and talked bikes then, too!


Here’s a picturesque water sip (and horseplay) stop as we headed back to Gas Works Park.


And here’s a not-as-picturesque water sip stop a bit up the road. There are A LOT of water sip stops when riding with kids. They’re gradually getting fewer and farther between…though it might be the pedaling and bigger wheels making them just seem so.


Today’s miles: 6.9 miles
April cumulative: 69.4 miles

Bikes ridden: 1
April cumulative: 5

Dogs: 0
April cumulative: 7

4 thoughts on “30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 6

  1. Good show! I’ve been trying to ride each day too, but have had some snags with my recently-rebuilt bike. The darn bottom bracket kept unscrewing itself, so I spent a couple days trying to snug it up enough so that it would stay put. Yesterday I finally succeeded, so I should be able to ride steadily for the rest of the month!

    Now all I need is to figure out where I stored my saddlebags when we moved. . . . ;-p

  2. It isn’t scary but if the bearing cup falls off you get to walk home! At least I had sealed bearings on that bb.

    My next chore is trying to get the seatpost to stay in place – it keeps sliding down. I may have put a bit too much grease on the post before I put it in. I guess I am not much of a mechanic!

    • Well at least sinking seat doesn’t *sound* scary, but ugh, how annoying! I hope you get that remedied quickly. I think you very much sound like a mechanic! Though I guess that’s not much coming from me :)

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