Pumpkins by bike 2014

Are you lucky enough to have a pumpkin patch within biking distance? I’m not aware of one in Seattle this year.

OK, that’s not entirely true–I just discovered Swanson’s Nursery has a Fall Festival Saturday and Sunday 10-2 with:

Tractor Rides • Veggie Car Races • Autumn Mobile Art Project • Leaf Rubbings • Pumpkin Putt-Putt Miniature Golf • Straw Maze Madness. Tickets will be on sale for races, games, and art projects to raise money for Child Haven.

The Ballard Kiwanis club will sell hotdogs, beverages, and desserts from 10am–2pm • Cupcake Royale will sell special fall cupcakes & traditional baby cakes from noon–4pm • Sweet Wheels Ice Cream Truck from noon–4pm.

Last year Northwest Seaport had pumpkins on one of the ships at Lake Union Park which is a little easier to get to for us, but looks like it’s not on this year.

So yesterday we visited the underground parking lot pumpkin patch at the Roosevelt Whole Foods:


I was a bit disappointed these were the biggest pumpkins to be had. I could have fit slightly larger ones on board.



Earlier in the day, while the kids were at school, I swung by the Ballard Fred Meyer and saw some truly enormous pumpkins. They had their weights and diameters displayed…diameter I guess to make sure it could fit through the car door to drive home? Lots of them over 100 pounds. I don’t think I could manage the two-block uphill climb home from the Burke-Gilman Trail were I to get a pumpkin at the Ballard Fred Meyer, but I bet the Greenwood Fred Meyer has a selection of obscenely large pumpkins, too. Because the terrain on the ride home definitely dictates the weight of the pumpkin(s) I’ll haul!

Happy fall and I hope you’ve had some pumpkin-on-bike fun, too!


Oh, and learn from my mistake: I meant to stick two pumpkins on the street side and one on the sidewalk side. You know, to better impress the people driving alongside us.

4 thoughts on “Pumpkins by bike 2014

    • Well, I guess they’re pretty high-vis, right? I totally rebraided my hair over my left shoulder and reattached the bright red hibiscus right before leaving the house the other day when I realized it wasn’t on the street side. *That* was for visibility :)

    • This is perfect, Kenneth! Thanks! I was trying to figure out if there was a pumpkin patch there, but couldn’t find anything but Xmas trees. Sometimes it’s hard to search this things out…I only found out about the SLU boat pumpkins last year from a friend.

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