30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 22

April and 30 Days of Biking are winding down which means Bike Month is just around the corner! After fetching my preschooler we headed to Cascade Bicycle Club for our Bike to School Month kit (for my other son’s elementary school). Today my four-year old opted to ride in his brother’s FlightDeck seat which I figure is good preparation for our unknown-as-of-yet next arrangement. I still think about a Hooptie, though I’m leaning towards half-a-Hooptie with one side rail absent for easy on and off (there are several intersections where it helps to have a passenger hop off and walk over to the sidewalk and push the walk button). But I’m still undecided. The four-year old leans out to the side to see past me when he’s on the deck so I can imagine the amount of movement that would go on behind me with a Hooptie–that’s not something I’m eager to enable. Today he mastered holding on with one hand while snacking.

But after picking up (literally) our Bike to School Month kit (so heavy!) he was back to his own seat for easier snacking.

This year’s kit is bigger and better than last year’s. If I can just get my act in gear and spread the word we should have a great Bike to School Month!

Mel, our crossing guard who bikes to work, passed us on the Burke-Gilman Trail while heading to his afternoon shift. We kept catching him at red lights and had a lovely three-part conversation. He’s the best.

Today’s miles: 19.5 miles
April cumulative: 326.8 miles

Bikes ridden: 1
April cumulative: 7

Dogs: 0
April cumulative: 16

7 thoughts on “30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 22

  1. What about the yepp junior instead of the hoopie? I think that would fit of the same adapter and work for several more years.

    • Ooh, neat idea! I haven’t seen a Yepp Junior IRL, but I hear they will be more easily available in the US soon. I’m going to think about it, but I suspect Mr. Stranglehands would be best seated with something handlebar-ish to hold onto so his hands (or at least one hand if I keep a rail off) are busy doing something productive.

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