30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 10

While the six-year old was in school all day, the four-year old and I headed to the tippy top of Queen Anne for a playdate.

Next time we’ll try the “flat” route up (third picture down), but today we took the easy way up:

I still haven’t figured out a way to carry both kids multi-modally since we outgrew the last incarnation of the old mamabike, but it’s great for one-kid days.

Nothing incredibly spectacular today, but we stopped to chat with and pet four dogs while biking by. This snuggly little puppy at Solsticio doesn’t count since we weren’t on the bike, but I did get to hold him for 10 minutes.

Today’s miles: 7.8 miles
April cumulative: 130.8 miles

Bikes ridden: 1
April cumulative: 7

Dogs: 4
April cumulative: 12

3 thoughts on “30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 10

  1. I also signed up to do the 30 days of biking. What a great motivator. I also started keeping an electronic diary of our adventures, inspired by your blog. Having a blast!

  2. No, it’s just on my home PC. It’s a nice way to remember all the cool things we see and do by bike. Amazing how much people miss out while driving in a car.

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