Skateboard on bike

I discovered a great new use for my Xtracycle WideLoader last Bicycle Sunday: longboard holder. My Sector 9 fits perfectly upon the WideLoader platform with the 12-inch kid bike in the pocket above.

Skateboard on bike

I used a bungee cord to secure it as well, which was good for when I released the kids on their own bikes at the beginning of the Bicycle Sunday street closure.

Skateboard on bike

I brought the skateboard along because I left my Big Dummy at the FamilyBike Seattle Family Bike Expo and I figured the kids would want to ride back and forth along Lake Washington Boulevard and I didn’t want to jog after them–after all, I ride my bike to avoid walking (and running). We ended up just hanging out at the beach so I didn’t get to do much skating–just to between the beach and expo a few times.

Family Bike Expo at Bicycle Sunday

I saw the usual assortment of cool bikes along the three-mile, mostly-closed-to-cars route, but I think I was most taken by this trailer trike, the Morgan Cycle Caboose Trailer Bike. The bigger model can hold quite a large passenger–up to 33-inch inseam and 200 pounds. I’ve got a soft spot for adaptive bikes.

Morgan Cycle trailer trike

There are three more Bicycle Sundays left this year: September 1, 15 and 22.

Bicycle Sunday

2 thoughts on “Skateboard on bike

    • Yes! These Surly Big Dummies are workhorses! Are you thinking about a different style of bike when your children are a bit bigger? I’m curious what your future plans are!

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