PhinneyWood Summer Streets recap

We had a great time at Summer Streets last night. Seattle has four Summer Streets events over the summer–the last one, Rainier Valley is next Saturday, August 17th from 11 to 4. They’re just wonderful and the kids love walking and riding in the middle of the street–who wouldn’t? If only there were more of them!

I don’t like the westward climb to Phinney, so we happily swung through Ballard to pick up friends on the way. When I say “pick up friends” I mean that literally–my suggestion for a “kid swap” (very useful when siblings are getting wild) turned into a “kid addition”…but that’s just as helpful as a kid swap in separating battling brothers.

Extra kid!

Sadly, I couldn’t fit the fourth kid on so he opted to balance bike most of the way over and poor Alyssa hardly got to carry anything with her Xtracycle–just one kid bike. She might not be as obsessed with carrying anything and everything as I.

Three kids, no kids

We hit the Phinney Farmers Market first and partook in the zucchini car races. Even on Summer Streets day, car culture is insidious. But also at farmers market we learned that bike-based artisan ice pop vendor Six Strawberries is getting an Icicle Tricycle today! See it at the Seattle Street Food Festival this evening.

Zucchini car races at Phinney Farmers Market

Summer Streets was full of TOOMUCHSTUFF. The kids barely registered the Bubble Man in their race to the Cascade Bicycle Club bike decorating station. We had picked up a new bike basket while passing a garage sale (the garage saler thought I’d picked up the kid bikes at a previous garage sale and didn’t think I was intentionally hauling them around town all day–heh) and it needed some personalization! Here’s Cascade Bicycle Ambassador Kelli of Yoga for Bikers quizzing the kids on bicycle anatomy.

Bike decorating at Summer Streets

Our other big stop was G & O Family Cyclery where we scammed a little free bike maintenance from Davey Oil…although Davey is more of a “Here, let me show you how to do that yourself” kind of guy which scares someone as inept as myself, but my son was stoked to remove his broken chain guard.

Bike repair with Davey Oil

And Tyler happened to have the perfect bolt in his pocket to perform a repair on our other bike’s coaster brake. That’s some of their test ride fleet in the background (as well as Tom of Seattle Bike Blog, making the bike blog magic happen via smart phone): Tern Cargo Joe, Xtracycle EdgeRunner, and Larry vs Harry Bullitt.

On-the-spot bike repair with Tyler

I test rode the Bullitt because it’s such a humbling experience. Those things are hard to get the hang of! I wobbled my way across the street to a flat block and eventually worked my way up to donuts and panda shots.

Bullitt test ride

I was not the only one perfecting bike tricks. The kids had a blast bike dancing (is that a thing?) back and forth in front of the loud music at the north end of the event. The little one finally got the hang of stand-up pedaling and the big one did some fancy one-footed stuff and side saddle coasting. And curb jumps. So many curb jumps. It’s a wonder their bikes didn’t rattle apart, even with the recent maintenance!

Bike dancing at Summer Streets

4 thoughts on “PhinneyWood Summer Streets recap

  1. M makes an awesome 60lb containment wall, doesn’t she? I may have had less weight, but I had the near meltdown 3yr old to coach up the hill – that makes it even, doesnt it? :)

    • You win! Contained kids >> free-range mad kid! That kid has amazing stamina, though. You’re going to need an e-assist once he’s pedaling a 16-inch wheel, I think.

    • I love seeing all the kids on the mamachari! Our Summer Streets are much like a small Ciclovia–have you heard of those events before? Originally just in Columbia and now spreading to more regions. I’d like to visit Los Angeles for CicLAvia some day.

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