Pedalheads open house

Pedalheads Bike Camps had a booth at Saturday’s Wallingford Family Festival and I got this very exciting flyer:

Pedalheads Bike Camps open house!
Bike Skills & Safety Camps for Kids Ages 2 to 12

Seattle: Magnuson Park
Tues July 9, 1:00-3:30pm
7400 Sand Point Way NE
Mickey Merrium Field #7. Access of NE 74th.
Park in the parking lot of the Seattle Musical Theatre

Bellevue: Cherry Crest Elementary
Tues July 23, 9:30am-12:00pm
12400 NE 32nd St, Bellevue

There will be lots of riding and activities for all ages and skill levels so bring your bikes and your helmets (trikes, training wheels, and run bikes welcome, too). The activities will include an obstacle course, “bike bowling”, road riding skills, a safety session on helmets, and riding ramps and teeter totters.

The event is free and don’t forget, you are welcome to bring friends and family!

For more information, email leah[at]pedalheads[dot]com

Phone: 1-888-886-6464

My three-year old hasn’t been on his pedal bike since the April Cascade Learn 2 Ride class and this seemed like a great way to get him back on the horse. I also loaded up his balance bike just in case. So that’s a total of three people, four bikes traveling down the Burke-Gilman Trail. One passing woman on a road bike likened me to Superwoman :)

Carrying 3 kiddie bikes

We started at the Pedalheads tent with the obligatory helmet spiel. But a fun one! With helmet held to the side of the instructor’s head (“What’s wrong with my helmet?”) I love that stuff!

Pedalheads helmet spiel

I hope I’m not betraying any trade secrets, but it was just so fun and the sky was so remarkably blue that I had to take a million pictures.

After a couple loops through a cone-marked course, we moved on to bike bowling.

Bike bowling

I don’t think my cones are this sturdy, but we’re going to have to try it because IT IS SO FUN! I’m not sure anyone bowled a strike, but kids went multiple frames and the instructors were so quick in resetting the pins.

Bike bowling!

And there was a ramp that looked SO BIG at first.

Pedalheads ramp

Then a rousing game of What time is it, Mr. Fox?

What time is it, Mr. Fox?

The kids were coached to gently set their bikes down before running away from Mr. Fox.

Fleeing Mr. Fox

They sprinted even more quickly to retrieve their bikes at the end of each round. This is a camp that will tire the kids out!

Running for their bikes

Temporary tattoo break! (Photo taken from my FlightDeck)

Temporary tattoos

Rest time over! Teeter totter! I really really wanted to try it, but they deemed my bike too heavy and I’m too klutzy to maneuver the 12-inch or 16-inch bikes.

Teeter totter

And the ladder:


By now it was pretty hot so the instructors set up a difficult cone course and each toppled cone resulted in a nice cool sponge thrown at the rider’s back. I was skeptical, but the children all loved it.

Wet sponge treatment

I can’t wait to compare our calendar with theirs and see if we can attend a full camp. I’m not sure if this is mentioned on their website, but one of the instructors told me the age for enrollment is the schoolyear age so my little guy can enroll in four-year old courses already–more possibilities!

Don’t miss their Bellevue open house on July 23rd!

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