Meetings, annoyances, doggie on the bike

Sometimes, the hardest part of 30 Days of Biking is keeping up with the documenting. So here’s the past four days…

Tuesday: 14.5 miles

Took the route by the bike tree home from preschool. Tulips everywhere!

Bike tree and tulips

Then took my road bike out in the evening to stop in at our elementary school’s Parent-Teacher-Student Association board meeting to ask for money and support to launch a bike to school program (it’s a go!) and then on to our monthly coop preschool parent meeting. Thank goodness the rain didn’t come back because my road bike doesn’t currently have fenders.

Wednesday: 26.6 miles

The morning was miserably rainy, but then the sun came out and it was GLORIOUS. There wasn’t a cloud to be seen. But then everything reverted to grey and rainy.

The sun! The sun! The sun! For a while.

During an elementary school assembly at which the Green Team received an award from Washington Green Schools for reaching level 3, I announced our upcoming Bike to School program. The kids all seemed very excited…and that was before I mentioned mini donuts.

Then we biked up up up to Greenwood for tap dance class after school and I thought things might be quicker if I went up and around Green Lake, but then made the mistake of taking 83rd west from Aurora rather than my usual 84th. Too steep! I was able to pedal up and a couple pedestrians cheered (though I was too winded to properly acknowledge them).

After delivering the kids home, I pulled out the road bike (two nights in a row!) to hit the Walk.Bike.Schools meeting to learn more about starting our Bike to School program.

Oh, and the ParentMap article “Balance Bike Basics: Teaching Kids to Ride Without Training Wheels” came out, featuring some pictures and quotes of mine.

ParentMap balance bike article

Thursday: 9.3 miles

Today had its share of crappy moments. En route to preschool, a crazy guy wandering around in the street kicked a can at the bicyclist in front of me and then spit at us. Blech. His spittle only reached the sleeves of me and my five-year old and the rain quickly washed it away. Just something to add to my very short “This never would have happened if we’d been in a car” list.

Heading back to preschool a couple hours later I had to go around a FedEx truck parked in the bike lane. Extra aggravating given all the space on the other side of the street. Aggravating, but not surprising.

FedEx truck in the bike lane

And heading home from preschool we were met with a NO PARKING sign in the middle of the Burke-Gilman Trail. Now that I think about it, I did have to wait for an idling car to move off the trail near this spot last week, but I think blocking bikes with a NO PARKING sign is overkill.

No parking sign on the Burke-Gilman Trail

Friday: 1.6 miles

TGIF! The three-year old and I took a trip to our new house–we move tomorrow!–to drop off some essentials: Mega Bloks, toilet paper, and potty seat insert.

Moving some stuff

Have bike, will move

But we had even more precious cargo later in the day when we brought Bettie to the vet for a refill of her new heart medication (she’s doing great!). We tried yet another configuration for her with the cargo net holding her little carrier to the front of the FlightDeck. Bettie’s only 11 pounds, by the way. Makes for easy toting. And speaking of dogs on bikes–Elly Blue current Taking the Lane call for submissions is for Dogs on bicycles.

Bike, dog, kid

Tuesday miles: 14.5
Wednesday miles: 26.6
Thursday miles: 9.3
Friday miles: 1.6
April miles: 171.5

2 thoughts on “Meetings, annoyances, doggie on the bike

    • Next time I see something like that up ahead I will just pull over and wait for him to finish crossing the street! Of course I’m always cutting things to the last possible moment so I don’t think about turning around and coming up to the other side of the bridge.

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