Sending family bikers back to Florida

So we didn’t make it out in a big group again, but our big day out has had a big impact! My friend claims they don’t bike much at home, but she bikes alongside the kids to school as well as to the grocery store. Connecting the kids to her could increase their range so we talked tandems and kid backs, but she likes the idea of the KidzTandem Triplet, with the kids in the front.

Thursday we took the bus to the Seattle Center and the only biking we did was on the Pacific Science Center’s High Rail Bicycle. It looks precarious, but it’s impossible to tip over.

The big kids were disappointed by the 100-pound weight minimum, but found plenty of other exhibits to enjoy. And outside the Pacific Science Center the kids had fun splashing around in the Fountain of Creation and on the parking squid. The bike wheel on the top of the parking squid appears to have fallen off, but that makes for more kid climbing room. It was nice to see bikes locked to it today; it’s usually only covered in kids. I’ll know it’s been completely accepted the day I see a dog tied to it.

Yesterday was thunderstormy so we waited out the rain at home and then split up for an us bike/them car visit to REI and its indoor play structure. We eventually migrated to a nearby playground and I made the mistake of not specifying “Who [of my kids] wants to sit on the mamabike while I wheel it to the playground?” and I ended up with all four kids on board. Heavy!

Today we were on the bus again–the 44 to Ballard for the climbing gym, the locks and salmon ladder, and the SeafoodFest. We stopped in at Dutch Bike Co for a drink and the kids played Ring Around the Rosie next to a bakfiets. Gezellig!

Today’s miles: 0
July cumulative: 154.8 miles

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