A nice northerly Ballard route: 6th Avenue NW

It pays to ask advice of a Greenways advocate! I like to get Ballard route advice from Jennifer of Ballard Greenways because she knows the best quiet and less steep streets. Today I discovered 6th Avenue NW per her suggestion and I love it! The very short jog to the right at 50th is probably the steepest part. And I biked by The Sneakery at 65th, a place I had imagined unreachable by bike.

Find information about your Seattle neighborhood’s Greenway group here. Join your group or start a group if one doesn’t exist. Seattle Greenways has resources to help you on your way.

Today’s destination was the thrift store, but we found ourselves passing JRA Bike Shop on the way. I knew they had a Yuba Mundo cargo bike there, but I didn’t realize they sell the accessories! I think the Mundo is six inches longer than the Big Dummy so I wasn’t sure if Go-Getter Bags fit my FlightDeck, but we held one up and sure enough, it’d work! The Main Tank sent me a link to this tutorial on making them work better on an Xtracycle FlightDeck. I’m not planning to change my bags, but it’s good to know. JRA sells Soft Spots, too. I’d spring for one of those if we didn’t need the hold/handle in the FlightDeck available for toy sockeye salmon to ride in. Perhaps some day…

While at the shop, I talked with a mom of two little girls who was getting a flat on her mountain bike fixed. We commiserated about how hard it would be to fix a flat with children running rampant. And I sang the praises of cargo bikes and tandem bikes and trailer bikes.

On the way home I discovered Greenwood being repaved. I had no idea! We’re usually south of this part of the Interurban North. Project details here.

Today’s miles: 17.8
June cumulative: 234.9 miles

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