A better (?) route to Magnolia

The lighter kid and I explored another route to Magnolia this morning, per my friend Julie’s suggestion (with my slight detour to avoid the Emerson hill at the end of the Ship Canal Trail):

It’s hilly and I initially thought it was a lot shorter than my last Magnolia trip, but it turns out it’s a half mile longer. Today’s trip took 37 minutes, but I didn’t time the other one so I really can’t compare the two. Today’s route was much quieter as 33rd is a sleepy valley of a street, but I should suck it up and make (and time!) both routes with both kids on board. Either way, this summer of swim lessons will toughen me up.

On the way back we enjoyed the lovely, though cloudy, view of the boats on a little side trip through Fishermen’s Terminal:

I took a pretty shot of the Saint Janet moored next to the Endurance for my friend Janet. But not so pretty was when the captain rushed out and growled, “You’ll have to pay me for that picture, arrr!” (OK, maybe he didn’t say “arrr”) I think he was joking. He’s gotta be a fun guy: the back of Saint Janet was full of bikes and cases of beer. Safe travels, Saint Janet.

In the afternoon we met up with Biking with Brad and I discovered we’ve got the same squishy saddle!

He’s had his forever, I’m just too self-centered to have noticed (doh!). I also never noticed his Kryptonite lock mount (modeled here with his snazzy boots). I’m not sure mine wouldn’t get dislodged by little feet if I tried that, but it sure fits nicely.

Yesterday I test rode a Yuba Mundo on its last day of a short stint at Ride Bicycles. It’s similar to my Big Dummy in that it’s a one-piece longtail frame (versus Xtracycle extension), but it’s a one-size-fits-all and different material and components. Unloaded, it felt a lot like my bike. I wish I’d had more time and could have talked one of the mechanics onto the deck to see what it really rides like. I really like the Go-Getter Bag, though I also didn’t have time to test how much stuff I could cram into it…I had to get to Critical Lass!

Even with the unfortunate weather–initially warm, but occasional rain and wind–ten lasses and three kids showed up to ride. We rode from Green Lake to Gas Works Park for a windy picnic, including a jaunt up kite hill for bicycle portraits. My kids didn’t come on the ride, but they met me at the park with their balance bikes so I utilized one for my victory shot.

Today’s miles: 16.2
June cumulative: 217.1 miles

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