Hauling a full-sized bike

I carried my road bike on the Big Dummy a week ago, but that was sans kids. Today my road bike was done getting tuned up and I accomplished my first two kids plus one adult bike carry. I put the front wheel in one FreeLoader and the front of the bike in the other, with the rear wheel dragging behind.

I have to admit I thought we’d have to stop and reconfigure things during the 1.5-mile trip home, but it held just fine. Special thanks to the toddler for distracting me from the stress of packing the bike by biting me on the butt and leaving me smarting. And then for head butting his brother the first two blocks of transport to distract me from worrying about the bike not staying put.

I think I’d like to eventually have a hitch on the back of the bike (I have a picture of Edward’s hitch in this post) to more easily tow a bike.

The Xtracycle Bikes in Tow Flickr gallery is pretty inspirational.

Today’s miles: 12.3
June cumulative: 33.9 miles

4 thoughts on “Hauling a full-sized bike

  1. Good job! I’ve towed children’s bikes only. It makes the back end turn a little funny. Might be easier with an adult’s bike actually. I still feel pretty bad-A anytime I do it though :)

    • Thanks! I took a steeper-than-normal route to avoid a sharp left turn–I’m not confident about taking corners with a bike dragging behind just yet. I guess I need a lot more practice :)

    • Ha! The bite was while I was bent over, loading the bike in the FreeLoader and the kids were still running free. I love riding bakfietsen on vacation (that’s my thing: renting bakfietsen or Gazelle Cabbies on vacay), but I don’t think I could manage the hills with one here at home. Love them, though! And it was nice having the kids in front where I could see them and easily separate them while still pedaling :)

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