Call me the bike taxi

Today I carried our two balance bikes and a friend’s 16-inch kiddie bike ten miles (round trip) intentionally–last time was just a few blocks on the spur of the moment. But last time also included an extra kid, which was pretty exciting for all involved. The little kid and I rode three-quarters of a mile to our friend’s house to fetch his bike before bike training down for preschool pickup. I started out with the Kinderbike in one FreeLoader bag and the Kinderbike Mini on the FlightDeck so I could put the pedal bike in its own FreeLoader.

Once I had the second kid on board I moved the Kinderbike Mini into the FreeLoader with the pedal bike. I loaded it vertically and bungeed it in place so each had its own half of the bag:

I might try this with just the balance bikes since my FlightDeck passenger mentioned the balance bikes block his feet from using the foot pegs. It worked well enough, but on the ride home I just loaded things as normal and the pedal bike fit fine next to the horizontal Kinderbike Mini–and no bungees needed.

The boys discovered extreme balance biking at South Lake Union Park and got soaking wet in the spray park. Yet again, happy to be able to drag this mess home by bike and not have to dirty up the trunk of a car.

Today’s miles: 17
May cumulative: 220.9 miles

2 thoughts on “Call me the bike taxi

  1. Totally awesome, Madi. See, any weight is bicycle weight and any distance is bicycle distance. By the way, I’m back off the electric bike because of the destruction wreaked last week and the time it takes to ship things to and from Ontario. Folk Life magic this weekend?

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