Rear cargo hold

I still want to get a cargo net to stow stuff behind the Yepp seat, but I did OK with overflowing cargo today. Packed full with beach toys and snacks, I bungeed Dolphie the dolphin to his new favorite spot on the Yepp PeaPod III’s FlightDeck Adapter. He provided the perfect perch for my five-year old’s helmet we brought for him at preschool pickup time.

But much more exciting was apres-beach, using one of my new Smitten Baby Wet Totes (purchased for $10 a pop on Green Baby Bargains) to transport wet beach wear. I have one swimsuit-sized wet bag from our cloth diapering days, but its handle snap never worked right. The buckled loops on these bags are awesome. I buckled one to the handle at the top of the Yepp seat.

My friend, Leya, had the brilliant idea to use wetbags for the opposite of their intended use: protecting dry things inside when it’s wet outside. I hope I won’t have a chance to try them in this manner soon, but this is Seattle…

Today’s miles: 22.1
May cumulative: 199.2 miles

2 thoughts on “Rear cargo hold

  1. The amount of stuff you carry on your bike for day trips amazes me! :) I guess I’m not using Trex to her full capacity, other than for grocery shopping.

    • It’s hard to have the cargo room and not use it–or overuse it in my case :) I often feel like a clown car, but beach days just go so much smoother if we bring plenty of “decoy toys” other kids can play with in case my guys don’t want to share their trucks. I’m worried what I might bring along if I can find a used WideLoader…

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