More miles than I bargained for (twice)

I loaded the bike with sand toys, food, and balance bikes, intending to take the boys to nearby Gas Works Park and run them to exhaustion. But the boys had their hearts set on the beach so I lugged the full load the longer distance–getting myself more tired and them less tired–to Golden Gardens.

I forgot my grumpiness at the bigger trip as soon as I noticed another mamabike at the bike rack. It’s similar to my previous setup (though with more gears)–a Jamis (Coda Sport Femme, I think) with front and back Yepp seats. Seeing the canvas bag hanging from the back of the rear seat brought back memories of my former cargo capacity problems. I met the family and we talked bikes and cargo. Her Yepp Maxi doesn’t seem as accommodating of baskets as my Bobike Maxi. I left off the wheel guards to fit a rear rack, but the Yepp is one fused piece. I think I’ve heard of owners altering Yepps to make room. I did tell her one of my tricks of hanging a small canvas bag over the front windscreen in the event she adds a windscreen to her rig. Today they seemed to fit just fine with everyone carrying something and the extra bag at the back. I remember the days of wearing my messenger bag on my back and carrying small grocery loads in my ring sling on the front. Good times, but so happy to have more capacity now.

We saw one other very cute “baby” on a bike:

22.4 cargo bike miles later I dropped the kids at home with a “Good luck getting them to sleep!” (First time for Mr. Family Ride putting them down; it went well!) and rushed off on my road bike for the Menstrual Monday ride. I was running late, but I had to pause and take a shot of the new parking squid. It’s on the east side of the Seattle Center, by the big film strips. I wouldn’t normally park so far from my destination (wading pool, International Fountain, Children’s Museum), but I think I’ll find it hard to resist locking up here next visit.

The ride was insane! I knew ahead of time we’d be riding to Renton, but didn’t appreciate how far away it is. Remember yesterday, when I said I’d never see Beacon Hill astride a bike? Well, we took the same lofty route as the bus! But I’ll probably never do it again.

We followed much of the Chief Sealth Trail, up and down grassy hills. It’s a terrific trail and I’d love to ride it again if there’s a flatter way to reach it. Here’s a cool tidbit from the Chief Sealth Trail FAQ: It was built almost entirely from recycled materials, such as recycled soil and crushed concrete from the Link Light Rail Project in Rainier Valley.

We 11 ladies eventually made it to the Dog & Pony Alehouse for drinks and food. We headed back in a group–except for two who took the “wife taxi” home–using an easier route. In the daylight, the Green River Trail is probably beautiful, but late at night it’s just twists and turns and dodging bunnies. Most exciting was the shortcut through the “Black Forest of DOOM” on some single track which required two dismounts to carry our bikes over small streams.

I eventually got home at 1am and I have to say it was terrific! But I’ll admit I’m hoping for a smaller ride next time.

The Menstrual Monday ride:

Today’s miles: 63.6 miles (41.2 solo on road bike)
May cumulative: 125.5 miles

9 thoughts on “More miles than I bargained for (twice)

  1. I don’t know if this is a bit too much of a technical question but I’m trying to buy a Yepp Mini or a Bobike Mini for my Jamis Coda Sport but I was having a hard time figuring out the compatibility issues with the stem – since it is aluminum and not a quill stem. Did you need to purchase an adapter of some kind to make the front-mounted Yepp seat work with your bike?

    • I think Dutch Bike Co installed the seats on Kathleen’s bike. Even if you aren’t in Seattle, you could call them because they *will* be able to answer technical questions :) The REI here also sells Yepp seats, but in general they are not always as good to ask technical questions of. My small bike has the Bobike mini which I love (I love them both, and especially the fact that they both have an optional windscreen) and I did switch out the stem, but in order to have a longer stem so we’d fit better, not for any other reason. So that’s an option (changing stems, that is), too, I’d imagine.

      • Thanks much! I stopped by my LBS yesterday and they thought the aluminum it wouldn’t be an issue if I could get an adapter. I’m still new to all this but they explained the aluminum is just the spacers around the stem – the stem is still steel. I’m definitely leaning to the Bobike Mini. I have a iBert right now but I’m really tired of swapping the bracket on and off all the time.

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