Ad bike

I snapped this picture as we set out today because I was worried it might be the last we saw of Chinook Salmon. Fortunately, he came to his senses after a block of riding behind the bike and happily rode in the front basket.

And his rear perch gave me a great idea of where to put our final Pedaler’s Fair poster:

While hanging our second-to-last poster at Stone and 45th, we ran into Victor on his Xtracycle. He’s just replaced his Xtracycle kit and WideLoaders and was using it to carry two heavy potting soil bags. I mentioned I want the narrower Xtracycle RunningBoards at some point and he pointed out he’s been saved from being doored a couple times by them. It pays to be wide.

Our destination today was Phinney Market Pub & Eatery for lunch and the double-decker train table. I was touched that the five-year old set up the BIKE ROUTE sign because last night he declared that he wants “everything to be cars and trains only!” He meant decor, not actual transportation, so I’ve got a decade before I really need to worry.

The weather was nicer than I’d expected so we went across the street to Woodland Park where I discovered a bakfiets! We parked next to it, creating a cargo bike parking area. Later I saw two more family bikes–a road bike with trailer and road bike with rear kid seat–but they didn’t have kickstands and therefore couldn’t join us on the grass. Both bikes leaned against trees at the periphery.

I thought we were done for the day, but the kids weren’t quite playgrounded out, so we stopped at Wallingford Playfield on our way home.

This allowed me to see the temporary markings for the Greenway at 43rd, crossing Wallingford Avenue.

Today’s miles: 4.4 miles
April cumulative: 203.1 miles

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