Late night taco run

Very boring biking day today. One of the kids puked throughout the night so we bagged our plans for the day. I had hoped to take them out for a bit of fresh air at some point, but we never made it out the door. I finally took the beach cruiser out for the two-block (each way) ride to Rancho Bravo. I realize I should put a drink holder back on this bike. I also realize I shouldn’t refer to 9pm as “late night.”

Here’s hoping the other kid doesn’t start puking tonight!

Today’s miles: 0.4 miles
April cumulative: 198.7 miles

4 thoughts on “Late night taco run

    • Hee hee. Just glad I made it out! Hey, are you coming to Kidical Mass? It’ll be so fun! I hope it fits in your schedule. (Saturday 11am at Gas Works Park, ride to Pedaler’s Fair in Ballard)

  1. Twice this month I’ve made the four-block run to the pizza collective my ride for the day. Tacos would be a nice change. Happy birthday to your oldest, by the way! My son tonight was telling me he wanted to visit you all again.

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes! We can’t wait to see you again. And it’ll be so much better with warmer weather. I can’t recall seeing a photo of you ferrying pizza by bike–I’d love to see that. ps that alone is reason to join Instagram.

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