Fun with a film crew

A film crew came to the house to interview us for part of a video to be shown at the Cascade Bicycle Club Bike to Work Breakfast next month. I have no idea how they’ll do it, but they seem to think they can edit together useful stuff around my stumbling, sweating (interviews are scary!), and a loud two-year old. I will say that while I love my Cascade Cyclist of the Month December 2011 interview and feel it paints an accurate picture, I focused more on what the bike does for our family and the community and not so much how it feeds into my laziness and cheapness.

The biking part was fun. It was grey and cold and we didn’t hit any especially scenic spots (such as South Lake Union Park, the Elliott Bay Trail, or the Ship Canal), but we filmed on the Burke-Gilman Trail and a lot of the Dexter separated bike lane. I thought it was most exciting chasing the van up the hill (don’t worry, only one bike overtook us and they were able to move into the car lane and stay out of the way). They also put a GoPro camera on my handlebars aimed at me, on my helmet aimed at the kids, and on the stoker bars aimed at the kids.

We took a couple laps around the Seattle Center’s International Fountain where, despite the cold temperature, teenagers ran around in the spray. Two even slunk up to the camera, trying to get discovered.

Our final destination was Easy Street Records to pick up the new Caspar Babypants album. It’s preschool Spring Break so our day wasn’t as bike-to-schoolish as it could have been, but I think our segment will still appeal to potential riders with school-going kids.

Today’s miles: 9.9 miles
April cumulative: 190.6 miles

2 thoughts on “Fun with a film crew

    • Yeah, but the bad news is that I see my wobbly riding while holding handycam won’t cut it–one needs a van or mountable camera. But yes, exciting! I don’t know if it’ll be online, but I hope so!

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