First sunny day at the International Fountain

Today was a beautiful day–so warm that I wore flip flops and removed my sweater while riding on flat ground–much different than taking layers off on an incline. I can ride in light snow in short sleeves thanks to my heavy setup. We spent the day at the Seattle Center–a wonderful destination rain or shine.

The original plan was to go to free day at Pacific Science Center, but we didn’t arrive early enough. Fortunately, the kids didn’t mind a last minute change of plans to the Children’s Museum (we’ve got a membership) and we had a chance to see a motorcycle parked at the PSC bike rack. I thought motorcycles got to park free so I was a little peeved about it. Even if they don’t get to park free, I’m peeved. This isn’t the same as when I can’t find a bike rack and lock up to a trash can, right?

We didn’t stay in the Children’s Museum for long, but it was very convenient to have checked in and gotten hand stamps so we could rush back over for a few bathroom breaks over the course of the day. Biking with Brad and kids (and their balance bikes since he always seems to show up with more impressive loads than I!) met us at the International Fountain where the kids could run around on the grass and in the fountain. Brad played cargo bike ambassador and assisted a mom of two in a test ride of my bike. He doesn’t realize last month’s visit from Hum of the City was the first time I’ve shared a bikey toy. But I’m learning to be better about that.

This picture of the fountain is misleading–there were tons of kids there. I didn’t think the day was quite warm enough for getting doused by the musical fountain, but soon we’ll have to travel everywhere with swim suits and towels.

Based on events yesterday morning and this evening I’ve learned a lesson: when in doubt, take a bike; when in doubt which bike, take the awesomer bike.

Yesterday morning I went solo to the University District and couldn’t decide which bike to bring. I ended up bringing the Big Dummy because I didn’t want to deal with special shoes for the road bike and didn’t want to deal with the little hill on the beach cruiser. I ended up talking Big Dummies with a guy who’s only seen them locked up before, never having encountered an owner. Shame he didn’t find a more knowledgeable owner, but I’m better than nothing. He asked how many gears I have so I had him crouch down and count and report back: 27! I thought I only had 21. Then an Xtracycle-riding mom of two girls walked by and said hi.

This evening I offered to send a fax for Mr. Family Ride and was initially going to walk with both kids…then just one kid…then no one wanted to accompany me. I ended up taking the old mamabike to make it quick and be prepared in case one or both kids changed their mind about coming while I was headed out the garage. Not a block from the house, I saw Victor from the cargo bike rides on his new bike. Yesterday I joked that I probably wouldn’t recognize him if he wasn’t on his familiar Xtracycle since no one recognizes me off a mamabike. We were a block south of our official Neighborhood Greenway, but otherwise it felt like a greenway type of encounter. Post-fax the bike made it easy to swing by the new neighborhood food truck, Scratch Deli. It’s actually more of a food trailer than a food truck. If we were in Portland, a fleet of cargo bikes would probably haul it around town, but here in Seattle it remains tucked behind Wine World. By the way, it’s great!

Today’s miles: 11.4 miles
April cumulative: 123.3 miles

4 thoughts on “First sunny day at the International Fountain

  1. LOL! I too am trying to be more generous sharing my bikey things. There is just this weird 2yo instinctual “MINE!” feeling. But….I’m trying to be better. Really…..trying…..hard.

    I love sharing your adventures via your blog. (:

    • Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone, Michelle! I can’t pretend I’ve recently learned this lesson from my kids–10 years ago I left my beach cruiser overnight at a friend’s house and she told me the next day she’d be planning to ride it around before dropping it off. I broke out in a cold sweat! Mine mine mine! Baby steps…

    • And for the record, I didn’t have any reservations about putting you on my bike :) But having so little practice in the lending department, I didn’t think to let you do a solo lap first. Now I know! I’d like to think I would have suggested solo test ride if it hadn’t been so miserable out.

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