30 Days of Biking

Ride. Tweet. Blog. Repeat. It’s 30 Days of Biking time! This is my fourth time taking the challenge, though I didn’t complete it last time thanks to a pesky kidney infection. This year I’m compromising by starting the month out just slightly sick, with a little cold.

Today I loaded the kids into the double trailer and dragged them two miles to Green Lake for the RainMan Indoor Triathlon. My original plan was to carry the kids and my road bike on the Big Dummy so I could meet up with some friends and show them my awesome cargo bike, but the crappy forecast spoiled that plan. Surprisingly, it barely rained today, but I was better off lugging a smaller load given my current state of sniffliness and whininess.

When the results are posted, I might do a race recap, like last year, because that was pretty fun. I think I biked a bit less this year than last…I wish I’d looked at my results ahead of time so I could try to better them. The last number I remember seeing on the bike trainer was 7.25 miles so that’s what I’ve added into today’s miles, but I hope to remember to update it when I see the real numbers. Those 7.25 miles were stationary, but each competitor was weighed while holding his or her bike and appropriate resistance added so I’m counting them in my mileage. I didn’t consider asking for extra resistance added on and thought to myself many times during the bike portion, “At least I’m not lugging that heavy trailer around right now!”

So hopefully I’ll kick this cold quickly and can get some exciting riding in this month. I’d like to explore farther along the Burke-Gilman Trail, carry an especially oversized load on the Big Dummy, and hit a few local bike events. A lot of Seattleites, friends, and cargo bikes are participating this round so it’s more exciting than ever!

Today’s miles: 11.75 miles
April cumulative 11.75 miles

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