First snow

We had our first snow today! The boys and I drove to Snoqualmie to go snowboarding yesterday so they weren’t too excited about the dusting we got today and it was already starting to melt by the time I convinced the little one to come out with me for a grocery run. I discovered mulch retains snow better than grass so we stopped in front of the mulchiest snowiest yard we could find to document our adventure.

On the way home, I let the little guy ride in his big brother’s seat. I didn’t need the rear seat for groceries, but I’d made the mistake of warning him we might be overloaded so he was excited about his first chance to ride on the FlightDeck. He’s almost two-and-a-half, but I think he’s better off strapped into a seat at this age. He had a blast so we’ll do this again, but maybe once winter is over and he can hold the stoker bars with more clingy bare hands.

There was only one other bike outside when we arrived–unheard of for a weekend afternoon–but by the time we were done, there were several bikes, including a tall bike. The rider of the tall bike came out while I was loading up so I asked him about his choice in shopping vehicle. Turns out he’s visiting town from Boston and no one had a bike lock he could borrow so he figured who would be able to steal an unlocked tall bike? Good thinking.

2 thoughts on “First snow

    • Hey, I just realized I don’t know what color bike you’re getting! Mundos come in such great colors. I feel silly that I wasn’t content with black, but I love this bike!

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