First brush with theft

I’ve been very lucky–I haven’t used a U-lock in years, I only lock my frame to bike racks, and I often leave items unattended in the bike baskets and helmets sitting on the kid seats. I had a rude awakening today when I left a bag full of stuff in a basket and my helmet on the rear seat (the kids kept their helmets on) to make a quick trip to the Ballard Fred Meyer. When we returned to the bike the bag was gone, but my helmet was still there. I’m primarily mad at myself, but damn that thief! Our newest kid mittens and knit cap were in the bag as well as some toys. I didn’t let on to the kids how distraught I was, but I wanted to throw a tantrum that would have put any toddler to shame. Wah! We have a U-lock at home so I intend to start using that and empty everything from the bike every stop that takes me out of line of sight.

This afternoon, the boys and Mr. Family Ride drove me to Ride Bicycles to pick up the new bike. It was hard to be sufficiently excited about it while I was still wallowing in “I don’t deserve nice things, I’ll just break them or lose them!” but this bike will only be locked by U-lock with no enticing bags left in the panniers. So more on the bike tomorrow once I’m not feeling so whiney.

4 thoughts on “First brush with theft

  1. We leave stuff unattended in the saddle bags all the time. At first I was a little hesitant but after repeatedly doing it with no issues, we now leave all sorts of stuff in the bags. I would be full of self loathing/pity if I came back and stuff had been stolen.

  2. Oh no! That’s so annoying! Poor you. That’s a tricky thing about running errands – I have to plan my route less by what makes sense ride-wise and more by making sure that everything I get along the way can be carried in with me until the last big grocery shopping stop – then straight home.

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