Cyclist of the month

I hardly feel worthy, but I’m Cascade Bicycle Club Cyclist of the Month!

I’m hoping to make an impact and encourage more want-to-be bikers to get out there at least once this month. If you need even more kick in the butt than my smiling face, consider taking The Winter B-icicle Challenge:

Take The Winter B-icicle Challenge!
As winter settles in across all Northern Hemisphere nations, and the cold wind blows, it’s tempting to put your bike away for hibernation. But as of December 1, we’re asking you to keep on pedaling through all three winter months.

Why are we doing it?

  • To see if we can put our money where our mouth is in regards to living a greener life, and not just when weather permits
  • A good time to reflect about those people without homes during winter
  • We love riding our bikes and don’t want to go three months without it
  • We hate traffic jams!

Rules. We will ride to work or school everyday unless:

  • The road is so icy we’ll most probably break our necks
  • We have a meeting or activity that is more than an hour bike ride away
  • We’re so sick with the flu we can’t even be bothered to watch The Wire

Sign up on Facebook or through The Winter B-icicle Challenge website. It’ll be fun! Even more fun if you do it sporting helmuffs, like me. Thanks to Stacy of A Simple Six ofr inviting me to the event!

In less exciting news, I got my first flat-tire-on-the-go in over ten years today. It was my once-every-three-weeks work day at preschool so I was just with the four-year old and most things are easier with one kid in tow than two. I’d like to say that I know how to change a flat, but I’ve long forgotten. I was so proficient in college. I biked all over Santa Barbara with a patch kit and two spoons I’d borrowed from the UCSB dining commons. But hey, this is just an example of how even an inept bike maintainer can tackle a daily commute with kids. I’ve been fond of telling people “If I were to get a flat, I’d probably sit on the curb and cry until someone came along to help me” but I remained calm…and called home. I knew I was very close to FreeRange Cycles so my husband gave them a call to make sure they were open (FreeRange Cycle’s hours are right there on their website, FYI) and let them know I’d be there in a few minutes.

Kathleen and her mechanics were all very nice and fixed my bike on the spot. There was a small stash of little toys for kids, free Momentum Magazines for adults, and lots of great bikes and accessories. In fact, a guy came in while we were waiting/playing/browsing and exclaimed that everything he’s ever wanted was in the shop. It was so sweet, but I was distracted by my preschooler ringing bike bells so I didn’t get to hear if he was visiting from out of town or a local. OK, so I almost laughed when the mechanic paused in his tire resurrection to ask me what pressure I like to keep my tire at, but it was nice of him to pretend I’m not as clueless as I appear.

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