Brought to you by the letter B

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I finally saw Geoff’s homemade bamboo bike at Trader Joe’s. He’s going to make more of them, too! But he’s not going to whittle any fenders so you’re on your own there. “Why do I need fenders if I’m going to get wet anyway?” Hardcore.

In the afternoon we swung by Hub and Bespoke, where I saw more bike seat rain covers–$17.50 pretty Basil ones. Natuurlijk, a Dutch product, like the Bike Cap I bought yesterday.

We paused on our way by Dutch Bike Co to watch them unload a big truck of inventory sent back from the Chicago store, which just closed. Sad situation, but the Seattle store is doing well…thanks in small part to the amount of bananas we buy, I’m sure.

We headed up 20th into Ballard which looks very gradual, but its mile hill felt longer than the mile up Stone. We stopped along the way to check out the Church of Trike–or as I just learned it’s called, The Big House in Ballard.

From little trikes to little bikes: we ended our ride at Salmon Bay Park, which is across the street from Bicycle Bob (NW Sloop Pl and 19th Ave NW) where our friend just got a $18 little pink Trek.

I decided to ride home through Phinney, thinking it’d be nice to get the hill out of the way at the beginning rather than the end of the trip. I think I ended up with more overall altitude gain, but compared to last time I made this trip, it’s certainly easier in cool weather than hot.

Today’s miles: 16.3 miles
October cumulative: 24.9 miles
Days missed: 1

2 thoughts on “Brought to you by the letter B

  1. Ballard/Crown Hill is a bit of a slog, isn’t it? I find 17th Ave to be a good option. It’s a bit steep for 1 block, at 67th or 70th St., I forget which, but the slope is quite gentle for the rest of the way. I love how the stone wall in front of the Big House has perfectly placed nooks for your kids!

  2. I had no idea that church was a private residence. The trike decor always seemed odd to me but I just shrugged it off and never gave it a second thought.

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