First frozen pizza purchase

We took the car out this morning. I’m so sad that our weekly class moved from Whittier Elementary to Olympic Hills. I feel like I just figured out how to make it to Whittier by bike. Next Wednesday is Walk to School Day which originally further bummed me out, but now I’m thinking it’ll encourage me to bus and bike next week. I don’t think the terrain map does justice to how much beyond my abilities the new (green pushpin) school is.

Home from our car trip, we hopped on the bike and rode to Green Lake to meet a friend and once again stopped by the paper mache cow. This was the four-year old’s first visit to the cow. He wasn’t as scared of it as he looks.

My baskets were full of sand toys, but we stopped by the grocery store on the way home. I’ve never bought frozen pizza by bike since the Ryan van Duzer grocery shoppin’ on a bicycle video tricked me into thinking it’s a big deal. It’s not. I was hoping one of the boys would want to hold the pizzas, but they both feigned shivers until I said I’d hold them. Per The VeloBusDriver’s very helpful tip a while back to carry eggs in my messenger bag (or backpack in his case), I shoved the two pizza boxes in my little Tom Bihn Imago.

Not only did they stay put, they were quite invigorating! I think I might have to make a point of riding around with an ice pack in my bag from now on. I might start wearing a cycling jersey just so I can line the little back pockets with Mr. Bump ice packs.

Today’s miles: 4.5 miles
September cumulative: 203.1 miles
Days missed: 6

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