First rain of the season

I was pretty excited to take our first rainy ride of the season. I’m sure the feeling won’t last–I’ll always be a weather-wimpy Southern Californian. The boys wore rain suits and boots, but I forgot gloves for all of us. They seemed OK, but I was uncomfortable riding with wet hands. The front kid’s Newt Suit is awesome, but doesn’t have pockets. The rear kid sports MEC Rain Bib Pants under Lands’ End (via thrift store–woo hoo) rain jacket so he had pockets–and he’s the fussy-about-pockets one. I have some MEC rain pants for myself, but was too lazy to put them on and ended up with very wet pants cuffs. Room for improvement. I’d also like a new rain jacket as I’m using a hand-me-down babywearing jacket, which is waterproof and wonderful, but I worry that very heavy rain will seep through the head hole in the back since it’s held closed by three snaps rather than a zipper.

I was rather proud of my two-IKEA-bag seat-covering system last spring, but after dropping off the four-year old at preschool this morning, I realized it’d be nice to have a third bag so I can leave his seat snugly covered the four hours he’s not using it. As it was, with reparking and recovering twice (coffee shop then playgroup) during the four hour break, both kid seat pads got soaked. Dutch Bike Co has some cute shower-cappy seat covers I’ll look into for my seat.

Route-wise, I decided a while ago I wouldn’t take my usual steep decent to the Burke-Gilman Trail come rainy season. Perhaps I’d feel differently if I had disc brakes, but I think it’s more about needing to let more time pass since my skidding-out-on-the-ice incident last winter.

I had a nice bike-beats-car situation this afternoon. The playgroup Little R and I attended this morning was at the house of a preschool buddy and we left at roughly the same time to pick up the big siblings, me on my bike and my friend in her car. I felt like I was running a bit late so I tossed the bike in a bush, without locking it or turning off the lights and got to the parent lineup at 1:02. Fortunately Monday is music class day which often runs late so I wasn’t late after all. My car-driving friend arrived a few minutes later, having missed a light I was able to take via crosswalk. And then the final mom arrived several minutes after that–she had to circle the block to find parking. Go bikes! However, had I been in my car, I would have been running several minutes ahead because I wouldn’t have stopped to take pictures of the life-size paper mache cow (on the traffic circle at Woodlawn and Kenwood if you want to check it out before it dissolves). So totally worth it. I never would have been able to hop the curb to get to the cow with both kids on the bike, by the way.

We made a late afternoon grocery-shopping trip once the rain had stopped. I made a very interesting discovery–Seattle rain brings out the ugly bikes. The railing outside the U-District Trader Joes is usually a veritable fashion show of hipster bikes, but today was all be-fendered B team. I shouldn’t mock them–I think I’ll put fenders on my mountain bike and hook it up to the double trailer when it gets snowy (lightly snowy, that is) out.

Today’s miles: 12.5 miles
September cumulative: 184.2 miles
Days missed: 6

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