Safer roadways press conference

There have been several bike crash fatalites in Seattle recently. Tom of Seattle Bike Blog wrote a stirring piece We have reached a turning point in Seattle bicycle safety which alerted me to the Cascade Bicycle Club press conference today. It was less than a mile from home so I dragged myself out of my sick bed and biked over with the kids. There was a great turnout, though things ran late waiting on two City Council members who got stuck in traffic on the way over. But at least that allowed us to make the obligatory “they shoulda biked!” jokes.

M.J. Kelly’s (Cascade Bicycle Club Director of Communications) speech was particularly moving. There were news cameras there, but I don’t see the whole thing televised. Here’s an interview with her from today on KOMO News. Cascade posted a recap of the press conference with rules of conduct for motorists, bikes, and pedestrians while we wait for a much-needed better infrastructure.

Today’s extra couple miles were from a post-nap grocery trip. No biggie, but this was our second shopping trip with eggs and our first with no eggs broken! Of course the broken egg last time wasn’t from transit, but from “Mama, can I just hold one? Now can I hold two?” incident that involved an accidental egg drop. Thank goodness he forgot that I told him although I was going to carry the eggs on our first shopping experience, he could hold them on the way home the second time. There’s plenty of time to risk more egg casualties.

Today’s miles: 3.7 miles
September cumulative: 83.7 miles
Days missed: 5

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