Too sick to ride

Third time wasn’t the charm–I’ve failed my third pass at 30 Days of Biking. The past three days should have been spent in San Diego, riding Alternabike’s Gazelle Cabby cargo bike, but instead I’ve been sleeping off a kidney infection. Perhaps I could have dragged myself out for quick solo pedals without doing any additional damage, but I figured I could also stay in bed and demonstrate that things don’t always go according to plan. I do have to pay tribute to my car because I was very happy to be driven to the doctor Friday morning. It was also extremely helpful for broken-shouldered Mr. Familyride to drive the kids to the beach so I could recuperate in a quiet house. So thanks, car. I know I don’t see the inside of you often, but I’m happy you’re still in my life.

I’m not race-ready yet, but I was (barely) up for the school run this morning, with both kids in tow this time. The front kid and I had a nice little adventure on the way back home. We got to wait for the drawbridge and chatted with another bike rider who recognized my bike by the “one less minivan” bumper sticker. Then we stopped halfway up Stone to watch the huge Stoneway Village construction site. Morning is prime construction-watching time! We keep hitting it after 5pm when there’s little going on.

We hit the grocery store on the way home to utilize our extra cargo space. Note the guard dog in the above photo. If he was going to be there the duration of our shopping trip, I could have left my bike unlocked. Little guy was cute, but extremely barky.

I carefully perched our spare helmet on the rear seat grocery bag–a sign that I’m obviously not quite back to normal yet. Hopefully tomorrow is a more energetic day and I manage both drop off and pickup (today I was conveniently stuck home with a napping toddler so Mr. Familyride handled pickup).

Today’s miles: 4.7 miles
September cumulative: 80.0 miles

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