Artificial and real rain

Kind of funny: three bikey families drove their cars to Dragon Park in Lynnwood for a kiddie bike playdate. One real bike, four balance bikes, and one plasma car comprised the play peloton. I had hoped they’d ride along the paths, but they decided the spray park was more fun. I joked that this was good practice for when it rains…and then it rained. The adults cowered in a picnic shelter while the kids rode around on the wet paths and grass.

Here’s a final look at the Kinderbike Mini’s original bell. One of the little guy’s many tumbles destroyed it. Good timing, too. His older brother decided he wanted the bigger bell so now I just have to find a new smaller bell and everyone will be happy.

The four-year old tried a pedal bike for the first time. His one and only question was, “Where do I click in my shoes?” I’m not sure where that came from–he rides with me on the city bike 95% of the time. The first ride didn’t go so well. No big crash, but he didn’t pedal enough for me to let go and see if he could stay upright.

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