Beach bungee

Thank goodness for bungee cords. Beach day is so much more fun with buckets and that annoyingly large green truck.

There were a few other family bikes at the beach, the most exciting a Kona Ute with one rear toddler seat. The dad called it his “Fred Meyer Mobile” because he can fit four grocery bags on it. I oohed and aahed, but I felt a little sorry for his rag tag assortment of baskets: smallish wicker basket on the front, milk crate on the back, and a large metal basket on each side–hanging down such that they didn’t look capable of safely carrying grocery bags. But hey, I’d love to have that bike so I shouldn’t talk! And he probably knew a thing or two about bungee cords, too.

The day wasn’t picture perfect, but it was the nicest day we’ve had in a while so we stayed at the beach all day long. We stopped for dinner at The Loft so we could eat outdoors. And I always love a place where I can eat and keep an eye on my bike at the same time. Here’s a glimpse of my view on the ride home: sandy legs and King of the Mountain toes, in honor of the Tour de France. All three of us are sporting them.

After dinner the boys wanted to stop by Dutch Bike Co…again–we stopped in this morning for to-go coffee for me and dollar bananas for the boys. You’d think the place has a Lego table or on-site dog. They didn’t want anything once we got in the door, but I checked to see if they have DBC water bottles (they don’t). The boys have been fighting over my free Nuun bottle so I should probably carry a couple extras around. My current stash of water bottles is freebies advertising various brands so I might buy them new ones of my choosing.

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