Parking karma

Yesterday I beat the a Google maps bike directions estimate by three minutes–uphill to Whittier! So I felt I could adequately compare bike and driving options to my hair appointment today. Google told me it’d take 12 minutes to drive to Ballard and 23 minutes to bike there. Considering I have the world’s worst parking karma and the time needed to walk from my awful parking spot, I decided things were equal for the ride over. The 28-minute bike versus 12-minute drive on the way home probably couldn’t be argued into a wash, but I didn’t point that out as I left my husband trying to work from home while minding the four-year old.

I noticed the old train tracks that cross the Burke-Gilman bike path by 6th Avenue NW have been spray painted red. I’m considering it a little bit of beautification (well, safetyfication anyway) of the west side of the trail while the east side is being fully revamped.

I was tempted to stop in at Dutch Bike Co on my way by, but I don’t want to have to admit I’m still having a bit of trouble on the hills even with my awesome new hub. Today was fine with just one passenger, but I haven’t made it up the steep and short route with both kids yet. However, I’m still not completely over the neverending cold so I have high hopes things will be great in a week or so.

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