A bit of the Burke-Gilman detour

We’ve had a couple exciting car-free days: yesterday we took the bus to Mounger Pool in Magnolia. We’ve only gone by car in the past. And today we took our first non-car trip to the chiropractor in Wedgwood. It looked too hilly to bike so my obvious options were taking two buses or walking a mile and taking one bus. I don’t know what my hangup is about transferring buses, but I have yet to do it with kids and I was too lazy to walk a mile so we biked to the university and grabbed the bus from there.

I was feeling confident on my bike-on-bus skills having done it twice now so I didn’t watch the video tutorial several times last night as I usually do. It went well…except when I forgot to close the bike rack at the end. So back to watching the video in preparation.

Riding home from Wedgwood we were able to check out a portion of the Burke-Gilman Trail closure detour. It’s hilly. It wasn’t too hilly to handle this direction, but I don’t think I could manage the other way. We saw lots of plastic-shrouded detour signs ready to be unveiled in two days.

I had planned to check out the recently redone Matthews Beach playground, but was so happy to finally reach the Burke-Gilman and fed up with stopping to check my list of directions at every turn that I went south instead of north. It wasn’t beach weather, but I had promised beach so we stopped at Magnuson Park beach instead. It was freezing. They played at the water’s edge for a bit, but when the Canada Geese got out of the water and huddled together to warm up, we called it a day.

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