Deep Greenwood

We biked to school today. We were ready early so we stopped by Makeda Coffee on the way, which is quite bikey, I realized today. Half the paintings on display (and for sale) are of bikes and everyone else in the cafe was talking about bikes.

Whittier Elementary is really on the Bike to School Month bandwagon. The bike racks were overflowing like crazy. I just parked my bike in front of the building since we were only there for 30 minutes.

After class we biked to a friend’s house in Greenwood. Not the lower Greenwood I used to ride through on my forty-blocks-out-of-the-way flat-enough Green-Lake-to-Phinney rotue, but deep into Greenwood: 4th and Holman territory. On the way home I promised to swing by the old house so we swung around Green Lake for some good extra mileage. I was happy for the detour because otherwise I would have headed straight south to the Burke Gilman Trail for our return trip and have to deal with walking a block. And lately it has been walking a whole block. It used to be just half a block. Seems I need to toughen back up a bit.

We took a second trip in the late afternoon to Wallingford Playfield. It was my first time riding on 43rd west-bound. It’s steep! I need to get better at paying attention how hilly things are when I’m travelling in the easy direction.

Daily distance: 11.5 miles
Bike Month cumulative: 29.4 miles

3 thoughts on “Deep Greenwood

  1. OOH! I am beating you for miles this month! How did that happen?! Don’t start riding like crazy now to beat me though. Just let me stay ahead for a few more days so I feel like a superstar please. :)

  2. You inspired us! Today we made the trip down to dance class (on Lake Washington Blvd.) by bike for the first time, and it wasn’t as hard as I was afraid it would be. I got my first 10+ mile day, too. I’m only counting trips to daycare/school in my commute totals, but I’m keeping track of the “real total” for myself, too, just for fun. It really does make me want to ride more!

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