Whittier Heights

I went against my rule and attempted to reach a neighborhood with Heights in its name. This was a test run for tomorrow’s class at Whittier Elementary, which is our only weekly commitment these days and the last thing we’ve been regularly using the car for. It was a 37-minute ride (for a 30-minute class) and it wasn’t too bad. The first third of the ride was the hard part, but it was our normal zoo route so that’s nothing new.

Today’s test ride was followed by breakfast at the Original Pancake House–which has no bike rack and is also best visited by car because then one can bring along decent coffee most easily–and a romp at Salmon Bay Park. But the best part of today’s ride means that I now know I can reach my favorite thrift store by bike!

On the way home I took the heavy kid out of his seat so he could run up the steep block while I pedalled up alongside him. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and he couldn’t keep up with my super slow pace. He insisted on walking the rest of the way up (he wanted to walk all the way home, but I was able to convince him to just walk the one block) so we walked together. He got distracted by dandelions a couple times, but we only took a little bit more time than usual. And fortunately the front kid was content to stay in his seat. If he had insisted on getting out, too, we never would have made it home.

Tomorrow we’ll have the car if we need it, but I’m hoping to have us up and ready for a real commute to class.

Daily distance: 10.4 miles
Bike Month cumulative: 17.9 miles

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