30 Days of Biking day 28: Family Biking Slideshow

We attended Totcycle’s wonderful Family Biking Slideshow at Miro Tea this evening. I hadn’t planned to go out tonight, plus I wasn’t sure how we were going to squeeze in any biking with my non-biking dad visiting, but as luck would have it, the four-year old took an unexpected nap so a 7pm engagement wasn’t out of the question. The event was a big success, with five families in attendance. I’d also like to point out per Totcycle’s announcement: “Bonus points for bringing your family biking rig to show off afterwards” so bonus points to me! We parked next to Totcycle’s Madsen, but I think that was it for kid-toting bikes.

My dad met us there with his car so I had him drive the heavier kid home and had a nice ride home with just the little one. I wasn’t sure which route to take: longer more gradual Densmore hill or short and steep 4th Ave/2nd Ave. I ended up opting for short and steep since long and gradual isn’t a picnic either.

Daily distance: 8.7 miles
Cumulative: 247.2 miles

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